What is Incline Running? Incline Running is the first running studio in the Philadelphia area. Group exercise classes are held in a state-of-the-art running studio with 19 Woodway 4Front treadmills, which offer the highest quality of treadmill running. Our coaches lead runners through intervals ... View Post
  • The Mike Collins Pursuit

    Wake up call. This common phrase gets thrown around, but no one ever thinks it will apply to him or her. Sometimes though, that’s exactly what we need, and it often comes at just the right time. What happens after that wake up call? That’s where we are all different, and the decisions we make can... View Post
  • Athlete Sportlight : Anthony Deangelo , Arizona Coyotes, NHL

    How was your first year in the NHL, in particular, how was making your NHL debut? My first season in the NHL was all I expected and more. It was amazing to get almost half a season and start to really learn the league. I learned a lot and got to experience the league at a young age, which I stro... View Post