7 Tips for Getting Over “Workout Burnout”

You’ve decided that it’s finally time to get your butt in gear and start regularly going to the gym. Whether you’re hoping to lose a few pounds or just feel healthier overall, there’s always that initial excitement about recommitting to a fitness goal. However, it can sometimes falls apart when you don’t see results right away.

The excitement fades and you’ve lost all motivation to hit the gym. And before you know it, it’s been days since you’ve done a workout. Eventually, you start making all kinds of excuses about why you don’t have time to get back to the gym and working out falls to the very bottom of your priorities list. 

It’s safe to say we’ve all been there before. And dealing with this “workout burnout” is no fun either! Because when you get sucked into this slump, it typically seems like there’s no end in sight. Fortunately though, you can overcome it and get back on your fitness kick. To help you out, we’re sharing seven tips for getting over workout burnout.

1. Pay Attention to the Signs


The most important thing in preventing workout burnout is to pay attention to the signs your body is giving you. If you’re feeling exceptionally tired mentally and physically, it’s a good sign you might be due for a rest day. If there’s a particular workout you just can’t seem to get the hang of, quit forcing it and try something new instead. 

Be open to switching up your routine based on what your body needs the most. It’s not a sign of weakness. We’re all different and certain workouts click for us better than others, which is totally okay. Do what’s right for you and you’ll enjoy hitting the gym so much more.

Pro-Tip: It's better to workout with top-notch form than risk injury performing it haphazardly.

2. Know When to Take a Break

When you’re super committed to reaching a specific fitness goal, it’s easy to push yourself too hard. While an extra half-hour each day might not seem like much in your mind, it could be putting too much strain on your body. We need to allow ourselves time to rest and recover. Otherwise, we’re going to burn out quickly.

If you’re just starting out in the gym, take it easy and work your way up to those more intense workouts. And make sure you’ve scheduled rest days into your weekly workout schedule so you don’t overdo it.

Make sure you’re also fueling your body after every workout. It’s important to stay hydrated and to eat something that’s packed with protein. Greek yogurt, eggs, or a smoothie with protein powder are great options here. It’ll help your body recover so you don’t feel too run down afterwards. It’s also important for encouraging recovery and building muscle.

3. Try Something New to Switch Up Your Routine

Don’t be afraid to try something new when it comes to your workout routine. One of the main causes of workout burnout is that we become so tired of the same old thing when we hit the gym. Trying a new workout is a great way to spice things up and prevent you from getting bored of your normal routine.

An easy way to do this is to take one gym day off your calendar each week and take a workout class instead. Try doing hot yoga, pilates, a spin class, or even some Zumba to get your heart pumping. The options here are endless and it’s the perfect way to find out what you really love in a workout. And when you love your workout, you’re more likely to stick with it!

4. Get a Workout Buddy for Accountability

If you’re having trouble sticking with your workout goals, consider enlisting a friend to keep you on track. Having a workout buddy is a great source of accountability. You can hit the gym together, check in with each other’s progress, and simply be the support system you need to keep going.

Having a personal trainer can certainly help in this area as well. But the great thing about a workout buddy is that you don’t have to pay a dime for this kind of support! You can make plans to hit the gym and then catch-up over a healthy lunch afterwards.

5. Don’t Focus on the Numbers

While you likely have measurable goals you want to track when it comes to your workout progress, try not to obsess over the numbers too much. If you’ve been hitting the gym for weeks and step on the scale to see you’ve only lost a couple pounds, it can be discouraging. And that can leave you feeling that hitting the gym isn’t worth your time.

But if you focus more on how you feel and less on what the scale says, you’re sure to notice a difference. You simply need to make working out part of your regular routine and stick with it. 

6. Treat Yourself for Added Motivation

Who doesn’t little a little extra incentive to hit the gym? If you’re someone who loves buying gym gear, treat yourself to something new to serve as a boost in motivation. It could be a new pair of leggings or new shoes that’ll support your feet during those tough workouts. Just don’t get carried away with over-spending!

You can also choose to reward yourself with something once you’ve hit milestones on the way to your long-term goal. Giving yourself a small incentive can be that extra push you need to hit the gym when you’re supposed to. And a little motivation never hurt anyone!

7. Remember That Fitness is a Practice

And finally, please remember that fitness is a practice. It takes time to get better at certain moves or particular pieces of equipment. That’s why you have to commit to working out regularly if you want to see yourself make progress. Far too many people get frustrated that they can’t initially do push-ups or hold a plank. Then, they decide to just give up, which is one of the main things that leads to workout burnout. Instead, if they had just committed to practicing, they would have gotten better at whatever they believed to be their weakness.

Practice is what will help you become better and stronger in the gym. It’s what will help see results and make a long-term commitment to your health.

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