SmartTech Tank | Orange Oxide

$68.00 USD
The first cooling technology that intelligently senses your body temperature and activates only when needed. Once cooling is complete, the technology turns off, ensuring the perfect body temperature for every workout.
  • Pin hole mesh for added ventilation
  • 4.5 degree cooler fabric temperature
  • Intelligently Cooling that is activated by your body temperature
  • Lightweight- 140 GSM- Fabric

Temperature Adaptive Technology

The first training shirt that reacts to your body temperature. As your get hotter the cooling intensifies. When you are cool the technology shuts off. Ensuring the optimal temperature every workout.

Train Longer

By keeping your body at the opitimal temperature you prevent overheating, dehydration, and shorter workouts.

4.5℉ Cooler Fabric Temperature

Tested over 5000 times with proven success of achieving a 4.5 degree cooler fabric temperature vs standard performance fabric.