Endeavor Athletic is not just another activewear brand. We constantly seek out the best performing fabric technologies in the world, and purposefully design the most innovative and functional athletic apparel on the market.

Most companies spend their money on athlete endorsements, we put money where it belongs: towards premium, high tech fabrics that will truly assist in thermoregulating your body temperature and increasing your performance.

We call this evaporative cooling, or the process of regulating your body temperature through effective moisture management. Experience the difference. 



Our fabrics pull sweat from the surface of your skin, spread that moisture across a larger surface area in our fabric at the fiber level, and use a combination of body heat and air flow to dry up to 10x faster than any competing technology. Our products add value to apparel and industrial textiles by reflecting heat away in summer and absorbing/ re-radiating body heat during the winter.


Trizar technology applies the science of emissivity to optimize products to either absorb or reflect heat. Emissivity is measured using a Solar Absorption on a scale of 0 to 1. Trizar fabrics utilize Emisshield Technology that was used on space ships to reflect heat away as the ships passed through atmospheres. Trizar fabrics are a Certified Space Technology.


Another key attribute is that our apparel is naturally antimicrobial, so it manages unpleasant odors. Our flagship performance fabric is space certified through NASA. Emisshield is a NASA licensed material refined and patented that saves energy while increasing efficiency in nearly all heat driven industrial applications.