Founded by a collective of elite athletes and trainers, Endeavor Athletic’s mission is to provide advanced performance apparel designed to help athletes at all levels achieve their personal best.

During training sessions, Endeavor’s founders saw firsthand how performance could be adversely affected by the active-wear athletes were trusting. Time and time again, progress and sustained athletic execution were limited by “performance apparel.” Endeavor saw a need for athletic clothing that acted as equipment—focused on performance under pressure, not trendy patterns or names meant to distract from poor quality.

Created and rigorously tested by world-class athletes, Endeavor’s collection of technical apparel combines curated advanced fabrics, technology and design features that work together to enhance performance through fit, fabric and comfort.  


endvr_imgTHE PRODUCT

After testing every piece of big brand activewear on the market, Endeavor set out to find technology that could hold up in the most intense athletic environments. By ignoring the common commercial technologies that serve as distractions, Endeavor instead focused on fabrics and fits that would truly improve performance.

Each Endeavor product is designed to enhance athleticism by including stretchable, form fitting fabrics and the creative use of polygiene to limit odor-causing bacteria. Some of the most advanced textile technologies in the world can be found in the current Endeavor collection such as Trizar, which is Space Certified through NASA. Trizar is designed to dry quickly through evaporative cooling and reflect or absorb heat depending on the intended use. With this commitment to sourcing the best materials in the world, Endeavor products are made with the finest and most advanced technological fabrics in existence.