Top Women's Workout Styles and Gear for the Winter Months

This winter, athletic fashion is changing. Gone are the days of mesh paneled and cut-out leggings. This season, women’s workout styles feature geometric patterns and color blocking. Do not be deterred by the cold weather this winter. The age-old adage of “look good, feel good” can be a helpful motivator for going outside and exercising. Below are some women's workout styles that are appropriate for every winter weather situation: they will keep you looking chic and feeling warm.

Legwarmers and A Thigh-Long Jacket for Those Below-Freezing Days

Whenever temperatures drop below freezing – below 32 degrees Fahrenheit – it is vital to wear some layers. The base layers of an outfit should consist of compression tights and a long-sleeve compression shirt. Since these base layers will be covered by a second protective layer, the compression clothes can be simple, solid colors. However, in order to save money, investing in fun patterned compression wear will be beneficial for when the weather warms up. While these compression clothes may not show during a winter workout, they will be visible come spring. Middle layers can include fleece-lined joggers and a form-fitting hoodie.

In order to look chic despite the cold, invest in a pair of cream or gray colored fleece athletic leg warmers. Legwarmers will keep your thighs warm despite severe conditions. Match the legwarmers with a wool beanie of a similar color. To mirror a casual, day-to-day winter outfit, wear a long athletic jacket that is a solid color – preferably a navy or military green color. Try to invest in a jacket that has a high collar and a hood, in order to protect your neck and face from severe wind-chill. Jackets with wool or fleece lining will also keep you warm while still preventing moisture from building up underneath your layers. With this look, you will be chic, warm, and comfortable.

A Color Blocked Headband and a Matching Zip-Up Hoodie

While layering is vital in cold weather, wearing layers in above-freezing temperatures can be dangerous. For the days with an uncertain weather forecast, wear a polyester blend, color blocked, zip-up hoodie. Color blocking is a fashionable pattern for this season. The polyester blend is important because it allows moisture and sweat to wick to the surface of the fabric. The zip-up hoodie is a good choice for uncertain weather because it will keep you warm if the temperature drops; however, you can slip off the hoodie and wear it around your waist if the weather warms up.

Pair this look with an ear-warming headband. A headband is a great option for warmer winter days: it is warm enough to protect your ears, but the top of your head can still expel heat. Putting your hair up in a classic ponytail or tying it in a low braid can enhance this look. Be sure to avoid headbands primarily made of cotton or plastic. Those materials will capture moisture instead of releasing it, which will keep your head sweaty and cold. Matching your zip-up hoodie with your headband can bring your outfit together neatly. Headbands are a classic piece in women's workout styles. The rest of your look can be monotone, with the hoodie and the headband being the featured pieces of this look.

Cute Patterns for the Rainy and Snowy Days

For wet days, start styling your look with a pair of water-resistant sneakers. These are a worthwhile investment for all seasons, but particularly for snow or rain. Be sure to wear a pair of wool socks as well. Wool socks are ideal not only because they keep your feet warm, but also because they keep your feet dry.  Women's workout styles are not just about fashion, but also about function.  For this style, invest in a patterned jacket. The jacket should be a polyester blend material with a water repellent finish. Do not wear a loose-fitting jacket. Sweat and rain or snow may weigh down loose materials. This will make it difficult to exercise comfortably. The jacket should also have zippered pockets to protect your phone and belongings from the inclement weather. Wearing a visor under the hood of your jacket can keep the rain or snow out of your face.  For this look, you can feature your jacket as the bright piece, with the rest of your outfit being solid colored. This look focuses on a statement piece: either a patterned jacket or a bold patterned pair of form-fitting pants will work.

The latest women's workout styles feature both comfortable materials and fashionable patterns. Remain mindful of your area’s weather forecast, however, and plan your outfits accordingly. Your workout outfit can be more than monochrome jackets and plain joggers. Introducing statement pieces will make your outfit go from drab to fab.

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