What is Incline Running?

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Incline Running is the first running studio in the Philadelphia area. Group exercise classes are held in a state-of-the-art running studio with 19 Woodway 4Front treadmills, which offer the highest quality of treadmill running. Our coaches lead runners through intervals of speed and incline to make a fun, fast-paced workout that’s also effective in breaking new PRs. They coach on a wireless mic, walking the studio during class to provide one-on-one coaching, while their customized playlist blasts over speakers in a darkened room bathed in colored LED lights. Incline Running was featured in Philly Mag’s article “5 Philly Fitness Studios that are Basically Nightclubs.”


Where is Incline Running?

Incline Running is located on the Mainline at 519 W Lancaster Avenue in Haverford, PA. We have ample parking both right in front as well as adjacent to the building. And we have our sights set on our next location in Center City. . . .

Who are your coaches?

Our coaches are passionate about running. Some have competed and coached track & field at high school and collegiate levels, while others have trained for and run upwards of 10 marathons and countless half marathons. Our coaches have a variety of backgrounds to bring experience to this extremely new concept. We have indoor cycling instructors, Crossfit coaches, personal trainers, and trained yoga instructors, to name a few disciplines. 


But I’m not a runner….

We’ve heard this countless times…but these are the people who end up getting the most out of class! We have had some people who started out as hikers and quickly moved into jogging most of class, to being able to fully hit all zones in their run (up to sprinting!) Simply put, our classes are for all ability levels and if you’re skeptical to try it out because “you’re not a runner”, just remember you won’t get left behind here. If you haven’t run in quite some time while your best friend runs 5+ times a week, you’re still side-by-side through the whole run! Our studio truly builds a community in every class. We start together and whether or not we take the same path to get there, we end together! 

What are these Woodway Treadmills?

Woodway treadmills are specifically designed to reduce stress on your joints. Their moto is “For the Long Run” which is something we believe in! Running should not be painful for your body to endure and Woodway Treadmills have made it their mission to prove this, which is why marathon trainers and Ironman triathletes train on Woodways!

What was the Inspiration behind opening a running studio?

Hindered by sports-related injuries but still intent on exercising and playing sports, founder and owner Josh Hirshey missed the days when he was able to run! He wanted a studio that would provide a safe and fun group exercise environment with treadmills designed to reduce the impact of running while also allowing every athlete to train, whether still on the road to recovery or a conditioned D1 athlete .

Now that you have this beautiful new studio, how do you feel about outdoor running?

Runners run outside. What we offer is an indoor alternative for outdoor runners to train and build speed and strength so they are better equipped to run smarter, faster and longer. (Don’t we all want that?) The biggest difference in running outside versus running at Incline Running is the precision in timing and controlled incline, which allow you to follow an exact training pattern. From form, to strength and ability, to pacing, Incline Running will give you the fundamentals to be a better runner. And runners need training and form work too! We coach you through intervals of speed and hill combos that most runners will not do on their own. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a place to run when it’s raining, snowing or 100 degrees and humid!

So if I’ve never been there before, is there a beginner’s class? What can I expect from the classes?

We don’t offer beginner’s classes, but every class is taught for all levels of runners and hikers. We motivate you to get the most out of your workout, but our coaches will work with you to make sure you get the proper workout for your level. Incline Running offers 30+ classes per week, with our signature class, Run One, being a 45 minute HIIT class for running and hiking. We also offer a 60 minute Distance class as well as a 60 minute combo class, Run One >> Strength, which incorporates 20 minutes of resistance bands, dumbbells, and core/body weight exercises. We believe in having balance with your running, so we’ve added these classes daily to help strengthen your body overall and to help prevent running injuries.

Well I’m hooked! Where do I sign up?

Our website (www.inclinerunning.com) and app have all information on our classes, coaches, location, as well as our full women’s and men’s locker rooms with showers and high end amenities. Our schedule can be found online www.inclinerunning.com/home/schedule.

And remember, your first class is FREE – so no excuses! We’re looking forward to seeing you in the studio.

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