Current Trends for Men's Workout Styles This Winter

Winter can be a dangerous season for working out, especially if you go outside wearing the wrong materials. Wearing the right clothes is imperative to a safe and comfortable workout. However, that does not mean that you are limited to working out in bland, all black or all gray outfits. Below are some men's workout styles that are equally warm, comfortable, and fashionable.

Minimalism is Key for Rain or Snow

A water-resistant jacket is vital for rainy or snowy winter days. Be sure to wear a jacket that is not made of rubber or plastic. While these materials will prevent water from getting through the jacket, these materials also will trap moisture inside them. A more breathable fabric, such as a polyester blend, will allow your body to breathe while also keeping the rain or snow from sticking to you. Be sure to wear a warm layer underneath, particularly one that is fleece-lined. Also, invest in a pair of water-resistant gloves. Be sure to have either a zippered pocket or a water-resistant bag to hold your valuables as well.

Oversized logos and minimalist looks are very popular for men's workout styles this winter, so style your inclement weather outfit with an uncluttered approach. This style should be built around either a statement jacket or statement joggers. Either one should feature an oversized logo, with the rest of your outfit featuring muted, solid colors. Try to match the logo colors with the solids in your outfit. For example, if the logo features red and white, try to incorporate dark red and white solid clothes in this style. With this outfit, you will both stay dry and look sharp.

Statement Sneakers and a Puffy Parka to Keep You Warm

For the winter days that are below freezing, you should wear a comfortable compression shirt and compression tights. This style is also aiming to be minimalist. This base layer will keep your body warm while preventing chafing. Get a pair of compression tights that have flat seams, otherwise the fabric may catch. This can cause serious discomfort in the middle of a workout. Be sure to add a middle layer as well. A sweatshirt or a hoodie are good options, so long as they are made of breathable materials. 

For your outer layer, wear a long, puffy parka that is fleece-lined. A solid color, such as maroon or pine green, will be fashionable. The parka’s high collar can keep your neck warm as well. However, for the particularly cold days, wearing a balaclava can protect your face from severe wind-chill. This style should consist largely of solid colors. In order to give your look a pop of color, wear a pair of statement sneakers. They can have bold patterns, striking designs, or bright neon colors. Be sure to wear wool socks with this look, so that your feet remain warm during your workout. Wear a pair of gloves that match the color of your balaclava to round out this outfit.

Camo Joggers and a Quarter-Zip for Milder Weather

Some winter days will be above freezing, so it is important to avoid wearing too many layers. For men's workout styles, camouflage is the pattern of the season. A striking pair of camo joggers will make your workout outfit look stylish. Avoid joggers made of cotton, however, because cotton will trap moisture and make your body cold. Cold muscles can be dangerous during exercise. Working out in cold weather and in cold clothes can cause muscle discomfort.

In addition to the joggers, wear a quarter-zip hoodie. Wearing a hoodie that is a solid gray or black is preferred, because you do not want to wear clashing patterns or too much camo. If you want to feature more camo without going overboard, you can wear a compression long-sleeve camo shirt. By leaving the top of your hoodie unzipped, the camo on the long-sleeve shirt will bring some pattern to the top of your outfit. An alternative to this is to wear a solid colored compression shirt that matches one of the shades featured on your camo joggers. Typically, this will include colors such as brown, military green, or shades or beige. Wrap up this look with thin, comfortable gloves and solid colored sneakers.

The winter cold should not deter you from getting in a good workout. Your workout outfit can be more than black and gray colored pieces.  Men's workout styles this season feature fun patterns and sharp minimalist looks, so be comfortable with embracing the latest styles. Invest in athletic clothes made of sturdy, warm, breathable material, and you will both look good and feel good.

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